Now, your Thermomix® can peel potatoes too!

The new generation Blade Cover & Peeler accessory not only protects food during slow cooking and sous-vide cooking, but now also effortlessly scrubs and peels your potatoes for you.

Welcoming the new Blade Cover & Peeler

The new generation Thermomix® Blade Cover & Peeler not only enables you to effortlessly sous-vide and slow cook with your Thermomix® TM5 or TM6™, but it also peels potatoes and root vegetables, so you can free up time for other things. Why peel potatoes when you don't have to? Now available on our e-shop!

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Look, no hands!

Get precious time back and let Thermomix® peel your potatoes for you. Think of all those delicious potato recipes you can prepare, and you won't have to peel a single spud.

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Attention Soup fanatics

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Pass the potatoes, please!

Sous-vide mode

Impress your guests with the TM6™ Sous-vide mode. Using this cooking technique you can prepare juicy, flavourful dishes that are cooked to perfection. With the Blade Cover & Peeler accessory, sous-vide cooking is now possible in your kitchen. And it's a lot easier than you think!

Sous-vide favourites

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Build the flavour with slow cooking

With the TM6™ Slow Cook mode combined with your Blade Cover & Peeler accessory, create the unique texture and taste of slow cooking without worrying about temperature or stirring.

Slow cooked favourites

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Need more inspiration?

Search Cookidoo® to find the right recipe for your next occasion.

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