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Sugar Stages mode 

Also known as… caramel!

Discover the many different shades and textures of caramel. Be it liquid and dark, be it creamy and gold, or somewhere in the middle. TM6™ Sugar Stages mode creates wonderful homemade caramel without needing to constantly stir and watch the pot!

What are sugar stages?
Sugar stages are the different levels of consistency that sugar reaches when it is heated. During this process, the sugar changes in terms of texture, colour, and taste, depending on the temperature, time and proportion of water and sugar.

How to use the mode
When working at sugar stages, safety is essential. For this reason, recipes using the Sugar Stages mode are only available via Cookidoo® Guided Cooking recipes. Just search for caramel recipes on Cookidoo® and follow the instructions on your Thermomix® screen.

• Allows you to effortlessly reach different sugar stages.
• Prepare different types of caramel like fudge, soft caramel, nougat, honeycomb, caramel brittle, toffee, and more!
• Prepare basic caramel recipes and use them to decorate and personalise your desserts.

When using the Sugar Stages modes, always remember that a successful recipe is only guaranteed if the exact ingredients and quantities indicated in the recipe are used.