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Slow Cook mode 

Say hello to the coziest of aromas!

Slow cooking helps preserve nutrients and pack more flavour into your favourite dishes. Use this mode to cook up to 800 g of meat for 1-8 hours at temperatures between 37-98°C. Ideal for stews and casseroles, and perfect for tougher cuts of meat. Enjoy tender and melt-in-your-mouth results! A great way to make rich broths, soups, and compotes. The Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler accessory will make your slow-cooking experience even better.

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The Perfect Accessory

The Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler works beautifully with slow cook and sous vide recipes in TM5 and TM6™, allowing for even heat distribution and gentle cooking. It rests on top of the blades and protects softer ingredients from coming into contact with the moving blades. If you don't have one yet, buy one on the e-shop today!

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