Turn a Guess into Success

With Thermomix® Sensor, Thermomix® Guided Cooking is extended, for the very first time, to your oven, stovetop, BBQ, and air fryer. Turn a guess into success with the Thermomix® Sensor. ​

Perfect, Inside and Out!

Achieve culinary perfection with the new Thermomix® Sensor, a Bluetooth® kitchen thermometer that can be used alongside your Thermomix®, in your oven, pan, barbecue, or even your air fryer.
Cook with confidence as it measures both internal and ambient temperature, ensuring ideal cooking conditions for cakes, bread, meat, and fish. Receive real-time updates on your smartphone and Thermomix® TM6® for stress-free monitoring. No more guesswork, just perfect results!

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Turn Undercooked Batter into Fluffy Cakes

How to Use Thermomix® Sensor?

Thermomix® Sensor is the perfect addition to your kitchen and it is so simple to use:

1. Start cooking as usual with your Thermomix®.

2. Follow step-by-step instructions on your Thermomix® display or directly in the Cooking Center app.

3. Check the progress of your recipe via the Cooking Center menu on your Thermomix® or wait for the notification on your smartphone when your meat, fish, bread or cake is ready.

Make the most of the successful trio: Thermomix®, Thermomix® Sensor and Cooking Center app.
Tip: Place the charger near the probe but away from direct heat (e.g. close to the stove top, oven, barbecue, or air-fryer)

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Get a Perfect Bake

What Can I Cook with Thermomix® Sensor?

You can use Thermomix® Sensor with breads, cakes, poultry (whole and smaller cuts), fish (whole and filets) and meat (steaks and bigger cuts).

Turn Overcooked Meat into Tender Masterpieces

Sensor Savvy: Perfect Culinary Precision

Match the perfect temperature and sense the difference with Thermomix® Sensor.

Beef | Achieve your desired level of doneness - rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done, or tenderly falling apart. Choose an evenly thick cut of meat for best results.

Fish | Achieve perfect results with whole fish and filets. Choose evenly thick filets for best results.

Cakes | Make sure that the tip of the probe never touches the baking pan.

Bread | Once the core temperature is reached, you will get a notification to remove the bread from the oven. If you prefer a darker crust, bake an additional 3 – 5 minutes after the notification to remove the bread from the heat.

All recipes | Monitor your cooking status in the Cooking Center of your Thermomix® TM6® and get notifications on your smartphone.

Did you know…?

With the Cooking Center on your Thermomix® TM6®, easily monitor your recipe's progress from any screen at any time. Stay informed about:

• Remaining cooking time • Current and target temperature • Speed • Timer details

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Fish

No more burnt cakes, undercooked fish or overdone meat!

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