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Chop Tool 

Take the Guesswork Out of Chopping

How many times have you wondered how to get the perfect chopped chocolate or nuts? Or how to chop onions and carrots of the right size for your sauté? Thanks to the TM6™ Chop Tool you no longer have to guess! Choose from the list of the most used basic ingredients, set the quantity and let the pre-set combination of time and speed help you get the perfect result. The Chop Tool is accessible on the mode screen to perfectly prepare ingredients for your recipes - simply put the ingredients in the mixing bowl and choose the chop size you prefer!

How to Use the Tool
• Select the ingredient from the available list
• Select the quantity and chop size (when available)
• Add equally sized pieces to the mixing bowl to ensure a more evenly and uniformly chopped result
• Use the longer chopping time for a finer grind
• Tap "SET" and turn the selector to the indicated speed


It allows you to obtain different chopping sizes without having to guess, thanks to the correctly pre-set time and speed.

Recipe Ideas

Enjoy chopped chocolate for cupcakes, fresh herbs to sprinkle on soup, ground beef for homemade burgers, chopped onions for sautéing, and so much more!