For You - Your Personalized Cooking Experience

With the “For You” tab on Cookidoo®, we want to provide you with recipe content that suits your palate and current mood, or even suggest recipes that may pleasantly surprise your tastebuds! Cook what's right for you.

Getting Started

To get personalized recipe recommendations, make sure you are logged in and then check out the "For You" tab on Cookidoo®. Your personalized recipe recommendations are updated daily to provide fresh inspiration for you and your Thermomix®.

Please note: we highly value your privacy and data security; therefore, we can only offer personal recommendations if you have consented to the data processing agreement.

On your Thermomix® TM6™ you can change the usage data consent under Settings / Privacy / Data usage. On Cookidoo®, you can update your consent settings under notification settings.

If you have a TM5, find more information below.

TM5 and TM31 Customers

If you are a Thermomix® TM5 user with a connected Cook-Key, you can enjoy personalized recipe recommendations! To give consent on your Thermomix® TM5, go to Settings / Privacy / Diagnostics and Usage on your device.

Since Thermomix® TM31 is not a connected device, we cannot offer you personalized recommendations on Cookidoo®, but be sure to set up your Cookidoo® profile. Learn more below!

Your Cooking Profile

Set up your Cookidoo® profile to receive even more recipe recommendations. To get started, simply add a profile picture and a name. Do you like cooking creative dishes, or do you prefer quick, simple weeknight meals? Choose your favourite Cooking Style to see more personalized recipe content under the "For You" tab on Cookidoo®. Enjoy!

More cooking, Better Recommendations

The more you cook, the better your recipe recommendations! Get inspired by your personalised recommendations that change every day, just for you. Less browsing, more cooking.

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Your end-of-year wrap-up: Cookidoo® Served

The only thing better than sharing a meal around the table is sharing your food milestones with family and friends. That’s why we created Cookidoo® Served, an exciting snapshot of your personal cooking over the past year! Reflect on your Thermomix® journey, discover your most-cooked recipes, and post your personalised stats and infographics to social media to share your achievements. Make sure you’ve updated your consent settings!

Set up your Cookidoo® profile and get the most out of your cooking!

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