Secrets to success with the Thermomix® Cutter

Ever dreamt that your Thermomix® could cut thin slices of cucumber or carrot sticks? Dream no more! Thermomix® Cutter will slice and grate ingredients precisely and efficiently with exceptional results. Compatible with both Thermomix® TM6™ and TM5, this new accessory will make your meals even easier to prepare and lots more fun!

What are the benefits of the Thermomix® Cutter?

Versatile - 1 disc, 4 different cuts.
With the Thermomix® Cutter, enjoy 4 unique cutting options – thin slice, thick slice, thin grate, and thick grate.

Saves time in the kitchen.
Compact and versatile, the Thermomix® Cutter is ideal for everyday use. It will make the preparation of fruits and vegetables quick and easy. No more wasted time or effort spent with a chopping board or knife.

Evenly cut pieces that cook evenly.
The Thermomix® Cutter uniformly cuts your vegetables for perfect results and even cooking every time.

Easy to achieve impressive results, with accurate cuts.
Thanks to its razor-sharp cutting edge, the Thermomix® Cutter always slices accurately, giving even the simplest dishes, such as a fruit platter or steamed carrots, a stunning finished result.

Leaves the Thermomix® bowl clean and ready to use.
The Thermomix® Cutter is designed with effortless cooking in mind. With the cutter basket seamlessly resting inside the Thermomix® bowl, it leaves the mixing bowl clean and ready to use upon removal.

Makes healthy eating a visually attractive option.
Enriching your meals with more fruits and vegetables has never looked better than with the Thermomix® Cutter by preparing picture perfect healthy dishes your children will love.

1 disc, 2 modes

To get the most out of this game-changing accessory, use the 2 new Thermomix® TM6™ modes – Slicing mode and Grating mode – designed exclusively for use with the Thermomix® Cutter to help you save even more time in the kitchen.

Types of Cuts

The cutter disc has two sides, one for slicing and another for grating, allowing you to prepare fruits and vegetables with four uniquely different cuts:
● Thin slices (1-2 mm)
● Thick slices (4-5 mm)
● Thin grating (2 mm)
● Thick grating (4 mm)

5 Tips to make the most of your Thermomix® Cutter

  1. Remember to use fruits and vegetables that are ripe to eat but firm to the touch (e.g., tomatoes, avocado, mango).
  2. Salami or other cured sausages can be sliced with the Thermomix® Cutter. Fresh or cooked sausages are too soft to slice neatly and evenly.
  3. For better results, always slice and grate in batches. This prevents overflow in the cutter basket (max. 800 g of food). Before starting to slice or grate, be sure to weigh all the ingredients according to your recipe.
  4. Separate ingredients according to the type of cut. This way, you only need to flip your Cutter once - to slice or to grate.
  5. Cooked and frozen ingredients are not suitable for slicing or grating with Thermomix® Cutter (with the exception of cooked beets).

Cleaning your Thermomix® Cutter

Wash by hand under running water or with dish detergent. Don’t leave the cutting disc soaking to prevent oxidation. The Thermomix® Cutter is also suitable for the dishwasher, preferably in the top rack.

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