Thermomix® compatibility

1. Easily find which recipes are compatible with your Thermomix®

At the top of each recipe you'll see a label indicating whether the recipe is suitable for the Thermomix® TM31, Thermomix® TM5 or Thermomix® TM6™. You can click on the label to find out more information.

Please ensure you choose recipes that are compatible with your Thermomix®. When the label is highlighted in orange, it means the recipe is not suitable for the device you've registered on Cookidoo®.

2. Be aware of the different mixing bowl sizes!

Be careful using Thermomix® TM5 or TM6™ recipes in a Thermomix® TM31 as the bowl and Varoma are smaller. If recipes are not adapted correctly, it could be dangerous (e.g. hot liquids splashing)

3. Considerations for Thermomix® TM31 users

If you come across a Thermomix® TM5 or TM6 recipe that is also compatible with the Thermomix® TM31, please bear in mind the following:

∙ Select Varoma instead of 120°C 120°C is not a valid setting on the Thermomix® TM31, but Varoma will achieve similar results

∙ TM5 and TM6™ close their lid automatically Ensure you close the lid of your TM31 manually

∙ TM5 and TM6™ set 'reverse' automatically Ensure you set and cancel 'reverse' manually on the Thermomix® TM31 as this is not automatically changed

4. TM6™ exclusive recipes

• Thermomix® TM6™ comes with additional cooking features, some of which are available manually from the modes screen (such as Sous-vide, Slow cook, Fermentation), others which are exclusive to TM6™ recipes (High Temp, Sugar stages)

• These modes are not available on TM5 or TM31. As a result, a TM6™ recipe that relies on these modes cannot be prepared on a TM5 or TM31

• TM6 reaches higher temperatures than TM5 and TM31

• TM6 recipes cannot be synced to a TM5

• If you wish to cook manually from Cookidoo® (without relying on Guided Cooking) please refer to the TM version label on the recipe to ensure it is compatible with your Thermomix®.

5. Take care when cooking from books and magazines

The same rules apply to cooking with recipes from books and magazines. Always ensure you check which Thermomix® model the recipes have been written for.